Silver Hands: Art Therapy Activities with Survivors of Domestic Violence

by Heidi Pedersen

This thesis examines the value of a drop in art therapy group for residents at an emergency shelter. Specifically, this thesis examines the role of intentional strength building art therapy directives with recent trauma survivors. 

A Sculptural Journey of Ecological Identity and Art Therapy

by Seamus Gray

I have moved increasingly into the realm of additive sculpture. If ecology is the relationship between organisms and also their relationship with the environment they live in, then ecological art reflects, expresses and honours our connection with the world and all of that which is in our experience.

Rebel Agents of Transformation: Altered art in Alternative Education Programs

by Aislinn Cornett

This thesis explores the question: what is the value and function of creating altered art objects in an alternative education program with at-risk adolescents? 

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Story of the Witch Behind the Wallpaper

by Sandra Hewitt-Parsons

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Story of the Witch Behind the Wallpaper is an art show which builds on dream analysis to explore latent themes that relate to childhood dreams and other personal experiences as an eight year old girl and a survivor of a traumatic stroke. 

Deep Roots and New Beginnings: Exploring the Reconstruction of Identity through Photographic Life Narratives with Immigrant Women

by Sylvia Calatayud Catano

The intention of this thesis is to examine the lived experience of immigrant women on their path towards a new cultural identity in the context of using art therapy, participatory photography and personal narratives.

Creating Health: The Value of an Art Group in a Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

by Katy Vinson

Participating in an Art Group is an opportunity for people receiving psychiatric services to actively create health in their lives. The intention of this paper is to: document a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrate the heath created by the Art Group, provide information on the approaches used in the Art Group and to encourage and promote the continuation of the Art Group.

Art in the Face of Death: Art Therapy With a Family

by Lindsay Joy Hamilton

This thesis explores the nature of practicing art therapy with a family facing the terminal illness of one of the members; and seeks to discover where in lies the meaning and value of making and sharing art during the intense moments of losing as loved one.

Art Therapy Activities For Artists With Different-Abilities

by Kate Leppard

By illuminating ten activities that have been inspired or spontaneously created by adults with developmental disabilities in art therapy sessions, this book demonstrates the benefits of using a humanistic approach to art therapy.