Trying Differently Instead of Harder: How early intervention of art therapy benefits children with FASD

by Jackie Laverty

This thesis asks the question: how does early intervention of art therapy benefit children affected by FASD? 

Recycling the World Through Art Therapy: Implementation of Ecological Ideas in Art Therapy with Children

by Tzipora Weinberg

This research project focuses on the development of an ecological identity in children (ages 7 - 10), and the value of ecological intention in art therapy treatment.

"I See You" Art Therapy and the Maintenance of Self for Individuals with Advanced Dementia

by Sarah Roesler

This paper presents a qualitative study of the use of art therapy in the maintenance of ‘self’ with six individuals in the advanced stages of dementia. It seeks to find ways for health care professionals, therapists, and caregivers to maintain quality of life and help those in the severe stages of dementia preserve a sense of self.