Canadian Art Therapy Association Standards of Practice

The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute adheres to the standards of practice set out by the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

Specific criteria relevant for research

Art therapists act with integrity in regard to colleagues in art therapy and other professions. They carry out research in an ethical manner, and participate in activities, which advance the goals of the profession of art therapy.

D.3 Art therapists, as researchers, must be adequately informed of and abide by relevant laws and regulations regarding the conduct of research with human participants.

E.1 Art therapists are aware of their influential position with respect to students, supervisees and research participants, and they avoid exploiting the trust and dependency of such persons. Therapists, therefore, make every effort to avoid dual relationships that could impair professional judgment or increase the risk of exploitation.

E.11 Researchers in the field of art therapy shall evaluate their projects as to the potential contribution to the profession of art therapy, to human welfare, and in relation to the welfare of the research participants.

E.12 Prior to commencing any research project the art therapist shall: 1) consult competent professionals in the field to ascertain whether the research project should be undertaken; 2) take all steps necessary to eliminate any possible emotional or physical risk to the research participants; 3) make sure that all individuals working with the principal investigator in the project shall accord due respect to the research participants and the artwork; 4) obtain written consent from all research participants, or their legal representatives, ensuring that this consent is based on full disclosure of all information.