Financial Aid

Governmental Financial Aid

The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute is accredited and eligible students can apply for student loans through their Provincial Student Loan Office.

Student Aid

All students receive T2202 education tax credit forms for each year tuition is paid.

Tax Credits

KATI Scholarships

Maureen Pollack Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a second year student as a $250.00 tuition credit. The criteria for this scholarship are kindness and compassion shown to fellow students, instructors and clients; an ability to solve problems in a respectful way; and contribution to a classroom atmosphere of cooperation and dignity.

Blake Parker Memorial Scholarship

The Blake Parker Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a first year student as a $250.00 tuition credit for entering second year. The student recognized for this award has shown one or all of the following characteristics: "craziness" beyond the line of duty, commitment to creative writing, humour and exceptional theoretical integration.

Slocan Valley Lions Club Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded as a $250.00 tuition credit. The student who is awarded this scholarship will have demonstrated the following qualities:

  • Commitment to rural art therapy services, in particular, but not limited to the Slocan Valley;
  • Strong work ethics and quality art therapy services;
  • Loyalty to clients and the profession;
  • Demonstrated respectful communication skills in listening and speaking;
  • Generosity of spirit in offering services;
  • Citizenship to community and nation.

KATI Awards

The Janice Souza Award is awarded to a student who has made a significant contribution in pioneering the development of art therapy.

Janice Souza Award

The recipient of this award is being recognized for qualities of compassion and the ability to attend to the spiritual dimensions of the work of an art therapist.

The recipient will be recognized for one or all of the following:

  • Qualities of compassion and attunement;
  • Ability to attend to the spiritual dimensions in art therapy; and/or
  • Commitment to work with one or all of the following populations:
    • the elderly
    • individuals living with serious life threatening illnesses, and/or
    • caregivers.

Jacqueline Fehlner Hope & Light Award

This award recognizes a student's commitment to ecological identity work in the context of art therapy.


Ecological Identity and Art Therapy Award

External Scholarships

The Canadian Art Therapy Association offers a student scholarship and research grants for CATA members. Several KATI students have been recipients of these scholarships and grants.

Application deadline is August 1st. KATI recommends that you become a student member.

Canadian Art Therapy Association Scholarships

The Kootenay Co-op in Nelson offers a $1,000 scholarship for co-op members pursuing post-secondary education

A lifetime membership to the co-op costs $50, which can be paid in 5 monthly installments of $10.

Priority is given to studies in food & environment, health, community development, and cooperation, but applications are welcome from any members. There is no age restriction and all members and their children are eligible to apply. Deadline April 30th. Applications available on the Kootenay Co-op website.

Kootenay Co-op

Indspire disburses bursaries and scholarships through its Building Brighter Futures program to Indigenous students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs.

Since 1985, Indspire has disbursed bursaries and scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students. It is the largest funder for Indigenous education outside of the federal government.

Indspire  Funding -[Building Brighter
Futures Program]

Canadian Scholarships

Canadian Scholarships is a database of scholarships and bursaries available to Canadian students. By using information you provide when setting up your profile, the website is able to generate a list of scholarships and bursaries that you may be eligible to apply for.