LIFE changing heARTs: Towards An Indigenous Practice Model

Two-day workshop
March 28-29, 9am-4pm
Includes lunch
Regular rate $250, Early-bird rate $200 if paid before March 1
Subsidies available

A Traditional Indigenous perspective sees healing and teaching as interrelated processes that are simultaneously co-occurring in any and all environments. Engage collaboratively in an arts-based healing process, grounded in Indigenous philosophies and practices.

Day One will focus on exploring the Medicine Wheel Teachings in alignment with this Indigenous Healing and Teaching Model, including: Walking My Talk; Embracing Spirituality; Respectfully Relating; and Deepening Interdependence.

Day Two will widen the Circle, by exploring arts-based strategies, to work at multiple levels simultaneously: Sustaining a Positive Sense of Self; Enhancing All Relations; Mediating Societally-Constructed Traumas; Disarming Institutional Power; and Reconnecting to Protect our Earth Mother.

Join us for an engaged and inspiring Healing ARTs (heARTs) experience, and open to the power of Circle, Ceremony, Song, Prayer, Story, and Art.

Evening talk on March 28, 7-9pm as separate event
ReEnlivening our Shared World through Indigenous Healing Arts (HeARTs).
$20 suggested donation

Fyre Jean Graveline RSW, PhD, RCAT

i am a Metis woman from Northern Manitoba.
Recently relocated to Nelson, to teach at KATI.
i am a Therapist. Healer.  heARTist. Educator. Writer.
Indigenous Knowledge Keeper.
Ceremonial leader. Community Activist.

i am keenly interested in how Spirituality and Art.
can reconnect us to our Power. our LIFE Purpose.
repair our once Sustainable Relationship to Mother Earth.
and restore Balance and Harmony among All Our Relations.

i am an author of Circle Works (1998. 2012).
and Healing Wounded Hearts (2004).
You can contact me at 902-889-7469.

Kutenai Art Therapy Institute
191 Baker St, 2nd Floor, Nelson BC