May & June Summer Workshops 2017


Photo Voice and Poetic Voice: Arts-based Practice for Community Development & Social Change (E509) 

This course focuses on the use of arts based practices for working with community development to support social change. The course introduces students to the use of art in bringing people together around common interests, concerns and goals for social change.  


Presenters: Monica Carpendale & Frank Tester
Cost: $200 (early registration)
$225 regular

Date to be announced: If you are interested in this workshop, contact admin to get your name on the list. 


Border Crossings: Arts Based Research for Social change (R510)


An experiential arts based research workshop for participants to explore the movement between different modalities of the creative arts and the potential for social change. Themes to explore will focus on our relationship to land and nature in the light of current world issues like water, climate and refugees. Using body sculptures, poetry, voice, and art, the group will include both individual and group forms of arts based research. The workshop will involve perception, dialectics, metaphor, connection and the movement into compassionate action. 

Presenter: Monica Carpendale
Cost: $200 (early registration) $225 regular
Date to be announced:  If you are interested in this workshop please contact admin to get your name on the list.

Art Therapy as a School-based Intervention for Children & Adolescents (E506)


This workshop will combine experiential art activities, theoretical understanding and practical guidelines for integrating art therapy as an intervention within a school setting. Educators, counselors and art therapists will benefit from this workshop, which will consider art therapy as a way to support the educational needs of the student, in light of contemporary developmental theories and neuroscience.

Presenter: Nicole LeBihan, BA, DKATI, RCAT
Dates and times: June 1 & 2 (9-4)
Cost: $200 (early registration April 1st) $225 regular

Art-based group therapy: theory and practice (E506)


This one day experiential workshop will provide an introduction to the theory of art based group therapy and the practice of working with art in a group setting. We will explore how and why making art in a shared creative space facilitates opportunities to experience self in relation to others in new ways that increase a sense of relational connection and belonging. Participants will learn about group dynamics, therapeutic factors of group work and the role of art making to support experiences of positive engagement.  They will also learn some basic art therapy skills and how to engage creatively with a group.  Participants will practice and experience specific directives and interventions that can be used with groups to explore personal boundaries, interpersonal skills, styles of communications while supporting relationship building and group cohesion. The experiential component of the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in art making and reflect on their own experience within the group.  This in turn will open up reflections on common roles and patterns of interactions in different group settings.   Throughout the day attention will be focused on practicing, and building capacity for the therapeutic skills of attunement, empathy respect and presence.

Presenter: Millie Cumming
Date to be announced. If you are interested in this workshop, contact admin to get your name on the list. 
Cost: $200 (early registration) $225 regular

Connecting to Nature through Photography (age 11 to adult)


Connecting to nature can be very therapeutic for individuals who are living with anxiety and depression. Photography helps to focus on the beauty of Nature in an easily accessible way that everyone can enjoy. Come and support your family member through this experiential workshop.

Facilitator: Elizabeth Cunningham MA, Expressive Arts Therapy
Date to be announced: If you are interested in this workshop, contact admin to get your name on the list. 
Cost: $200 (early registration) $225 regular (some subsidies available)


Registration and inquiries
250 352 2264: 191 Baker Street, Nelson, BC, V1L 4H1
Register early as class sizes will be limited. Costs include art supplies. 
KATI reserves the right to cancel workshops 2 weeks prior.

Presenter Biographies:

Monica Carpendale, BFA, DVATI, BCATR, RCAT, HLM, is the founder and executive director of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute, in Nelson, BC, Canada.  She has over 30 years in clinical experience as well as education. She is the author of numerous publications on art therapy, in the CATA Journal and several texts, including Essence and Praxis in the Art Therapy Studio (2009) and A Traveler’s Guide to Art Therapy Supervision (2011). Monica has produced a few documentary films about the benefits of art therapy, including An Angel with a Broken Wing (2009) and co-designed nine Blue Heron therapeutic communication games. 
Monica is a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother, artist, poet, educator, therapist, environmentalist. She is deeply engaged with the philosophical and creative aspects of becoming and being an elder, in personal, professional and community aspects. 

Millie Cumming, BA, MA, DKATI, BCATR, RCAT, RCC
Millie graduated from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in 2001, and completed a Masters in Counseling in 2008.  She is a registered Canadian art therapist and a registered BC clinical counselor.  Areas of special interest and work experience include ending violence against women, trauma resolution, palliative care, grief and loss, mental health and addictions, child and youth mental health and family systems.  
Millie works from a strong systemic foundation in her work as an art therapist, integrating Integrated Body Psychotherapy and mindfulness into her practice.  She is a member of faculty and supervisor at KATI and has a private art therapy/counseling practice.

Elizabeth Cunningham, MA Expressive Arts Therapy, was born in Toronto. After a long career in teaching and art therapy, she recently moved to Nelson, B.C. where she is happily sharing the lives of her young grandchildren and indulging in her life-long interests: photography, writing, and exploring nature. Elizabeth is involved with the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute as chairperson of the Board, a thesis reader, and in helping to organize workshops. Passionate about music, she organizes a series of concerts for schools of the region with the Selkirk Pro Musica Society. She is married to composer Doug Jamieson and has three adult children.

Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, PhD, MSW, RSW, DVATI, RCAT is Metis/Mitchif originally from Northern Manitoba, but has lived and worked throughout Canada as an educator, administrator, activist for Earth Mother, feminist, artist and ceremonial leader.  She is the Director of Circle Works, her own counselling and consulting company.   Fyre specializes in providing supports to victims of family violence, sexual violence, trauma, PTSD, identity crisis, low self-esteem and depression. Her published works include Circle Works: Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness (1998); Healing Wounded Hearts (2004), co-authored Just Reach Out! (2009), Circle Works: Transforming Aboriginal Literacy (2011); and LIFE (Lived Indigenous Feminist Ecological) Arts-Based Transformational Healing Model, is in process.

Nicole LeBihan, BA, DKATI, RCAT has 12 years of experience as an art therapist in a variety of school settings and 6 years experience as a supervisor of practicum students in school-based art therapy placements. School environments have included elementary, middle and secondary schools in addition to alternate and non-traditional programs. Nicole is currently on Faculty at Kutenai Art Therapy Institute.

Frank Tester B.Sc. (hon.), D.Phil., M.E.Des., M.S.W. is a social worker who has recently retired from teaching social and international development studies in the School of Social Work, UBC. He uses photography, film, art and popular education in his work that has spanned both the country and the globe. Frank is the co-author of books and reports dealing with Inuit social history, Canadian social policy, social impact assessment, Aboriginal child welfare and the impact of mining on Inuit women and families. He is the recipient of multiple awards for his contributions to the study of Human Rights in North America.   

Groundwater series of workshops

This year our Groundwater focus is on providing this variety of workshops to potential students, professional and community members, as noted above. Stay tuned for more offerings through the website. While this series is being offered in Nelson, BC, we hope to be offering art therapy workshops in different communities in Canada and to research the preferred design of the Groundwater program. The following workshops can be taken for KATI course credit hours in specific courses. This can be available for participants who have applied to the KATI art therapy training program. We are also integrating more indigenous content and experiences in our overall program.
Groundwater Program Intentions:
•    To train culturally aware and socially-informed art therapists and community workers; 
•    To use a relational approach in teaching, research, supervision and art therapy practice
•    To address the ongoing complex, historic, intergenerational issues that affect Indigenous peoples;
•    To enhance healthy relationships and roles among individuals, families, communities, and nations;
•    To uphold the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada;
•    To apply strength-based and creative arts approaches to enhance resiliency;
•    To integrate land-based healing and restorative practice approaches.

Registration and inquiries
250 352 2264: 191 Baker Street, Nelson, BC, V1L 4H1
Register early as class sizes will be limited. Costs include art supplies. 
KATI reserves the right to cancel workshops 2 weeks prior.