Film Nights at KATI: September 2016

Welcome to the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute September Film Nights! Film nights will be Tuesday, September 13th and 20th from 7:00-8:30 pm, and are open to KATI students and interested community members.

On the 13th we will be showing ‘The Art of Lorraine Beninger’, a film which highlighting the benefits of art therapy with an individual with both physical and mental disabilities,  and ‘An Angel with a Broken Wing’, which illustrates the value of art therapy for a woman healing from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder.  On the 20th we will show ‘What’s Art Got to Do With it?,’ a documentary by occupational therapist and filmmaker Isabel Fryszberg that explores the power of art and community.

Join us for these films and please feel free to bring cushions and snacks!

See you at KATI Film Nights!