The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute is operated under the umbrella of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute Association, a non profit society incorporated in February 1995. The Board of Directors governs the Institute and its programs, services, workshops and professional development. KATI was granted accreditation July 1, 2000 with the Private Post Secondary Education Commission of B.C. 

The primary purpose of the Institute is to offer a post- baccalaureate two year diploma program in Art Therapy that includes the needs of rural communities and emphasizes a cross- cultural perspective. This purpose of the Institute corresponds to the unique aspects of this particular art therapy program. Because the program is based in a small rural community, the program stresses the special dynamics of therapists working and living near their clients. The special needs of small towns and rural communities are stressed in the program as students do 350 hours of direct client contact. The program is community based and serves the wider community by providing art therapy services. 

The program emphasizes the creative process and different cultural views of self, symbolism and interpretation. The Institute is an art -oriented environment. The program is designed so that theoretical, experiential, and clinical components reflect and complement each other. The practicum component offers experience working with a wide client base from elderly, addiction services, hospice, mental health clients, transitional training programs, adolescents, parent/ child dyads, community service centers, elementary and secondary school programs, pain groups, professionals in transition, and many individuals seeking self exploration.