Monica Carpendale.jpg

Monica Carpendale


Academic Dean
Thesis Advisor & Reader
Placement Art Therapy Clinician

Monica is the founder and executive director of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. She has 25 years of experience in art therapy, teaching, supervising and clinical practice. In 2009, Monica published her first book entitled Essence and Praxis in the Art Therapy Studio and her first art therapy DVD entitled An Angel with a Broken Wing. She has recently returned from teaching art therapy in Israel.

Millie Cumming.

Millie Cumming


Thesis Advisor & Reader

Millie graduated from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in 2001, and completed a Masters in Counseling in 2008. She is a registered Canadian art therapist and a registered BC clinical counselor. Areas of special interest and work experience include ending violence against women, trauma resolution, palliative care, grief and loss, mental health and addictions, child and youth mental health and family systems. Millie works from a strong systemic foundation, integrating body psychotherapy and a mindfulness approach into her practice. She currently has a part time private art therapy/counseling practice.

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Nicole LeBihan


Thesis Advisor & Reader
Placement Art Therapy Clinician

I am a mother, educator, art therapist, artist, musician and advocate. All of these parts of myself weave together to reflect my career as a healing professional. My fundamental belief is that a career should be meaningful and contribute to the well-being of self, others and the world. It is always my goal in adult education, as an art therapist and in all aspects of my life to be a compassionate, community-minded, humanistic and creative person. I have been a professional art therapist for nine years and I am in my sixth year as a faculty member of Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. My experience includes art therapy with children, youth, parents, adults and professionals in a variety of settings. I am currently studying in the Master of Arts in Integrated Studies Program at Athabasca University. I love to expand my mind through the exploration of new horizons.

Samuel Stevenson


Teaching Assistant
Thesis Advisor and Reader
Tech Support

Samuel is a graduate of the 2013-2014 cohort at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. He is a group facilitator and the author of the facilitator's manual for Transitions for Men, a pre-employment program for men with a history of trauma. His other areas of therapeutic focus include trauma, grief & loss, struggles with identity, relationship difficulties, and existential wounding. In addition to working with men, Samuel is passionate about supporting couples, and queer & genderqueer/trans folk. His background in social action theatre and performance poetry has given him a strong foundation in the use of metaphor as a healing tool.

Fyre Jean Graveline



As a Metis/Mitchif nature lover, I have lived and worked in rural and remote areas for most of my life. I completed a clinical MSW Masters in Social Work as a clinical therapist in 1985, and obtained a PhD at Dalhousie in 1996 focusing on revitalizing aboriginal traditional knowledge for healing and teaching. In 2005 I trained as an art therapist at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. I have also studied with indigenous elders and healers and participated in indigenous healing traditions.

I specialize in providing supports to victims of sexual violence, trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), low self esteem and depression. I continue to work intensively with survivors and descendants of survivors throughout the Indian Residential School Settlement and the Truth and Reconciliation processes.

My writings include Circle Works: Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness (1998); and Healing Wounded Hearts (2004), both published through Fernwood Press.