Networking with Local Agencies & Educational Institutes

The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute Association (KATIA) serves the wider community by providing art therapy services and networking with local agencies and educational institutions. KATIA is active in promoting art therapy both regionally and nationally. We have hosted nine conferences and numerous workshops every year, often including summer courses. The campus students at KATI work in local placements providing art therapy free of charge to the participants. KATIA is connected with many resources in the community including hospitals, schools, care facilities, community living, community services, child care facilities, and mental health resources, not to mention the many individual clients they serve within the school. KATI has provided these services and connections to the community since 1995. 

Art Therapy as a Community Resource

KATIA supports the people’s Art Zone, an art making open studio, held weekly at the Institute for families and community members. We also participate in Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the Cancer Society by facilitating art making in the park. We have a number of projects ranging from making large Cancer Fighting Dragons to kites that can take special thoughts to those who have dierd of cancer. KATIA supported anti bullying programs in the community with the Community Peace Making Initiative; an art and drama therapy workshop for teens and professionals.

International Support

KATIA supports international initiatives through the groups Art for People. This charity raises money by selling art. The money is used to provide funding to international community creative projects.

Art for People is dedicated to creating innovative and beautiful artistic creations. They are also dedicated to supporting the creative process around the world by sponsoring grass roots creative community projects. Andy and Martine, the founders of Art for People, are both art makers and art therapists who believe in the extraordinary benefits of creativity and creative pursuits. Art for People believes in the potential for art and creativity to inspire people in living thoughtful and meaningful lives. Through donations, Art for People sponsors creative community projects around the world. In purchasing Art for People paintings, you are not only receiving a beautiful art piece, but are also keeping the creative cycle moving in supporting creative projects globally. Their goal is to support creativity throughout the world. Creativity heals the soul and soothes the mind. Art is everywhere. 

Art for People was created by Andy Holmes and Martine Bedard to help realize their dream of sharing the many beneficial aspects of creative expression. Art heals. Creativity is a language all people on the planet can share. Creative expression expands the mind and creates connections within individuals and between individuals and the world around. 

Growing National and International Awareness of Art Therapy

Over the years KATIA has sponsored many conferences offering audiences to learn more about the world of art therapy. These conferences are open to the general public and encourage participants to engage in experiential workshops as well as lectures and film presentations. We feel it is important to continue to provide a space for people to come and share their art therapy knowledge in an attempt to build connections, bridge the gaps in the knowledge network, to expand the public awareness of art therapy, and to support art therapists in their opportunities for growth.

  • 2010 Eco Art Therapy Conference: With Hope & Open Hearts
  • 2010 International Symposium on Expressive Therapies
  • 2009 Eco Art Therapy Conference
  • 2008 Awakening the Heart, Conference
  • 2007 Art Therapy & Spirituality, Symposium
  • 2006 Innovations in Arts and Health, Symposium  
  • 2006 Innovations in Arts and Health Symposium

What is particularly exciting about this event is that a number of different organizations have come together to sponsor and organize it. The Nelson Community Campus Alliance, which includes Selkirk College, Kootenay School of the Arts, the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences and Kutenai Art Therapy Institute, has joined with the Community First Health Coop, Interior Health Authority and the Nelson and District Arts Council.

  • 2002 Peace, A Creative Act: An Art Therapy Vision
  • 1997 Art Therapy: A Creative Place in the Community 

Please see our workshops page for specific workshops within the conferences.

Charitable Donations (Download)

Support the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute Association so it can continue to support others! Donations to KATIA are tax deductible as nonprofit charitable contributions.

Voluntary Donations for Designated Funds.

Art Therapy Services Fund   (suggested $100 to $20,000)  AMOUNT    $________ 

  • Art therapy groups for individuals with a life threatening illness (cancer) 
  • Art therapy groups for loss and grief 
  • Art therapy groups and services for trauma 
  • Art therapy services for people with disabilities 
  • Art Therapy services for the elderly (residential and day programs) 
  • Green Zone – Community Open Studio  
  • Boys Mentoring Project – eco art therapy groups for boys 
  • Girls Unlimited – girls empowerment and leadership groups (9-13 yr) 
  • Girls Changing Girls Change the World (teen girls mentoring project) 
  • Eco-Art Therapy workshops in schools and community

Research Fund ($1,000 to $10,000)     $_________ 

  • Provides research awards and grants to students 
  • Provides research awards for professional art therapy research

Library Fund   ($50 to $500)      $_________ 

  • Secures funds to support the KATIA library by purchasing books   

KATI Workshop Subsidy Fund ($100 - $500)     $_________ 

  • Provides subsidies for professional development workshops 
  • Provides subsidies for students and instructors to attend conferences 
  • Provides support for bringing in national and international presenters

Program Technology and Equipment Fund ($500 to $2000)   $_________ 

  • Designated fund for equipment, technology, electronics, and software directly used by art therapy students to benefit their studies and program.

Scholarship Funds: ($100 to $10,000)

The Blake Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund     $_________
Awarded to first year students as a tuition credit for entering second year. 
The student recognized for this award has shown one or all of the     
following characteristics: "craziness" beyond the line of duty, commitment
to creative writing, humour and exceptional theoretical integration.

The Maureen Pollack Memorial Scholarship Fund    $_________
Awarded to second year students as a tuition credit. The criteria for this scholarship are kindness and compassion shown to fellow students, instructors and clients; an ability to solve problems in a respectful way; and contribution to a classroom atmosphere of cooperation and dignity.

Entrance Scholarship Funds            $_________
Education assistance to first year students 

  • Aboriginal Scholarship Fund 
  • International Scholarship for students from Third World Countries

Memorial Fund Creation       $_________

Leave a legacy. Plan, organize and create your own memorial fund to ensure the
future of art therapy programming and/or community projects.     
Name of fund ________________________________________

Your contribution will make a significant difference. Please send a check or money order to KATI with your preferred fund specified. Be sure to include a return address for your charity receipt.

The Kutenai Art therapy Institute will gladly accept Kootenay dollars and participate in the local currency initiative.

Donator’s Name: 

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Thank you kindly for your support.