Art Therapy and Environmental Education Symposium


Friday, May 3rd & Saturday, May 4th, 2019
Vallican Whole Community Centre
3762 Little Slocan South Road, Winlaw, BC

The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute offers an environmental approach to teaching art therapy. The intention of this Symposium is to enhance good environmental education and build skills in eco-art therapy for both professional and personal development. The first day of the symposium will focus on environmental education, leadership programs and eco-art therapy. The second day will focus on land-based healing, ecological identity, eco-grief and building emotional resilience.


Richard Campbell, BFA, DKATI, art therapist and drug and alcohol clinician. Richard is a recognized knowledge keeper and Elder from the Nlakap’amux nation and has created a large stone medicine wheel 100’ in diameter. His film ‘Not Broken’ shows his work with the integration of art therapy and the Medicine Wheel.

Monica Carpendale, BFA, DVATI, RCAT, HLM, BCATR, Founder and Academic Dean at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute, is an art therapist, educator, supervisor, author and filmmaker. She has written two books on art therapy: Essence and Praxis in the Art Therapy Studio (2009) and A Traveler’s Guide to Art Therapy Supervision (2011). She has produced several films on art therapy, and nine therapeutic communication games. She helped develop the eco sculpture park at the Vallican Whole Community Centre.

Elizabeth Cunningham, MA in Expressive Arts Therapy, has a diploma in Music for Early Childhood, and over 30 years’ experience as a Waldorf, Visual Arts, and Music teacher. She is also a professional photographer, writer and yoga teacher.

Will Parker, BA (Psychology), MES (Master’s in Environmental Studies), PID (BC Provincial instructors Diploma). Will is a faculty member at KATI, teaching research, land-based healing, and ecological identity.  He has ten years’ experience in ecological identity, designing and facilitating arts-based environmental education programs and workshops, in schools, rural and remote communities. He likes building stone walls, and has spent 12 years digging graves, supporting burials with the Dumont Creek Burial Society.

Symposium Program

Friday, May 3rd


Opening Circle

Overview of environmental experiential education philosophy and eco-art therapy

Orientation to the Arts-based Environmental Citizenship program:

  • Program design and implementation

  • Activities and extending the program into the classroom

Workshops series A

A)     Storytelling groups: peak experiences, intense weather, animal relationships

Workshops series B & C

B)    Learning to Lead: the appreciation game and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

C)    Nature: a studio of abundance: exploring natural materials for earth art


Workshops series D, E, F: Recycle & Re-story

D)    A bazaar of eco-art activities: recycled materials, trash bugs, forever flowers, prayer flags, puppet making, painting stones, making a book

E)     Emerging voices: listening to the trees and writing poetry

F)     Framing and reframing: earth art and nature’s art show and tour


Saturday, May 4th


Opening Circle

Citizenship & Ecological Identity: Respect for all beings and the land

Orientation to Eco-grief: Current and anticipatory

Workshops series A:

Storytelling groups: personal, environmental and peak experiences

Workshop series G, H, I: Resourcing, re-creation

G)    Medicine Wheel

H)    Resourcing resiliency: enhancing senses, perception, magic & mystery

  • Magic magnified walk, secret gardens: fantasy worlds and creating stories

I)       Earth art: Creating sculptures in the eco sculpture park


Renewal & Resiliency

Workshop series J, K, L

J)     Labyrinth of Resiliency: Painting shoes for hope and vision

K)    A Parliament of Animals

L)     Kite Making: Transformation through the symbol of the butterfly

 Closing Circle: Inspiration and commitment

Information and Registration

For more information, or to register, please Contact Us.


Early Bird by April 1st
$125 per day $250 for two days

After April 1st
$150 day $275 for two days.

Cost includes art supplies, lunch and refreshments. Format: 8:30 to 4:30



Please let us know any special needs or dietary restrictions.

Rides and carpools from KATI – 191 Baker Street, Nelson, BC leaving at 7:45 am. Return 5:30 pm approximately.  Please let us know if you need a ride or wish to follow a leader car.

You might want to bring a water bottle, hat, sun screen, back pack, change of clothes (think of layers and variable weather), blanket, walking shoes (boots?), camera, sketchbook / journal.